No speed limits. No data caps. Just endless streaming, browsing, and sharing in the UK.


Whether it’s free refills or all you can eat, life’s better when it’s unlimited. That’s why our Unlimited plans give you truly Unlimited data in the UK. Unlike some networks, we don’t cap your speeds. And there are no ‘fair usage’ policies. With us, you can stream, swipe, and share to your heart’s content.

Experience Unlimited data with us.

Whether you choose SIM Only, broadband, or a phone deal, you can enjoy Unlimited data with us.
And if you’re in a 5G area, with a 5G device you’ll experience enjoy super-fast speeds.

Unlimited data SIM.

Choose our Pay Monthly SIM or free Pay As You Go SIM, with Unlimited data. All SIMs are 5G Ready at no extra cost.

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Unlimited Home Broadband.

Now you’ll never run out of data at home, no matter how much you stream or play.

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Unlimited phone data.

Choose Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go to get more from your phone, without worrying about a huge bill.

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What is 5G?
And why do you need it?

It’s watching the game without buffering. It’s super-smooth video calling around the world. It’s near-instant downloads. And, all our SIMs are 5G Ready at no extra cost.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any limit on Unlimited data?

Our Unlimited data plans are the best, because the data is truly Unlimited and you never need to worry about your next bill. There are no speed caps, no data caps, and no hidden limits when you’re using our Unlimited data in the UK.

Can I use Unlimited data abroad?

With Go Roam you can use your Unlimited data in over 70 destinations around the world, at no extra cost. The usage policy can vary slightly, so make sure you check out our Go Roam information before you travel.

How much does Unlimited data cost?

The cost will vary, depending on whether you want SIM Only, broadband, or a phone deal. If you choose Pay Monthly, you can select how long the contract lasts - you can even try us out with a no commitment, 1-month SIM plan.

Do I need an Unlimited data plan?

If you regularly go over your plan allowance or need to top up, it’s worth getting an Unlimited data plan. Even if you don’t, it’s great to have the freedom to use the internet, game, stream, and play as much as you like, without worrying about the next bill.

Can I use my Unlimited data for tethering to other devices?

Yes, if you’ve got Unlimited data included in your plan you can use your phone as a personal hotspot. It’s called ‘tethering’ and it means you can connect other devices to your phone and use the phone plan data to get online. It’s perfect on long car journeys, if other people in the car need to get online on iPads or other devices. Or whenever you’re away and can’t find a Wi-Fi hotspot for another device.

Is Unlimited data suitable for watching Netflix?

Yes, it’s perfect for watching Netflix – and other online streaming services. You can stream/watch as much as you like, without worrying about your bill.

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