Welcome to Three Pay.

Three Pay lets you buy stuff like games, apps, and digital content on platforms like PlayStation Store, Google Play, Epic Games, Microsoft, Spotify Premium, and more.

Three Pay makes buying stuff quick and easy. There's no more looking for payment cards, trying to sign into your account or trying to remember the numbers from the back of your card.

The cost is added to your monthly phone bill or taken from your Pay As You Go balance. You'll get an SMS confirming your transaction whenever you use Three Pay.


More about Three Pay.

If you’re on contract and use Three Pay, you’ll see your purchases on your monthly bill, along with the service and price you paid. There’ll be a customer helpline number to call if you have any questions about a charge.

If you are a Pay As You Go customer you’ll be able to see your transaction history if you sign up to a My3 account.

Nothing to remember, nothing to store. Just sit back and enjoy.

Three Pay. The simple way to pay online.

Using Three Pay.

How to use Three Pay.

1. Payment Screen

Choose what you want to buy or subscribe to. Then tap Three Pay, or the pay by mobile option.

Then you’ll see the payment screen and the details of your purchase.

This includes details of the item, cost, name of provider, and frequency of charge for subscriptions.

2. 2-step payment

Enter your mobile number on the payment screen. You’ll then get a text with a PIN. Enter the PIN to confirm your purchase.

3. Confirmation

You’ll see a confirmation screen, then you’ll be sent back to the merchant site. We’ll send you a confirmation text with info on how to stop any subscriptions, plus any support numbers you might need.

Places you can use Three Pay.

Enjoy Three Pay with tonnes of brands, including:

Endless entertainment.
One easy way to pay.

Games, apps, music, films, TV programmes, books and iCloud - now pay for all with Three Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What can I use Three Pay for?

Digital services and goods such as parking, charity donations, online games services, quizzes, competitions, music or TV subscriptions or adding credit to an online gambling service.

You can also pay for apps and some subscriptions from Google Play Store and Huawei App Store. Apple app store coming soon.

Is there a limit to how much I can spend?

Yes.  There is a limit of £40 per transaction and £240 per month which is set by European Legislation and cannot be amended.  If you are a brand new customer to Three there may also be a credit limit applied to your account for the first few months which is lower than the £240. 

How do I stop a subscription?

If you’ve signed up for a subscription service, you’ll get regular text receipts with instructions on how to stop it. This is usually done by texting STOP or  STOP ALL to a 5-digit shortcode.

Don’t have any of those messages to hand? Just call us on 333 and we’ll get the info you need.

For full details please visit our full FAQ list.

Who do I contact for help?

Call the phone number shown in the text message received after purchase or shown on your phone bill.  The merchant will be able to assist with any issues you have.  Merchants have 10 days in which to respond to any queries you raise so please allow them time to resolve your query.  If you receive no response or are unhappy with their response then please call 333 (337 for Business customers) and our care team will try to help further.

For full details please visit our full FAQ list.

For full Three Pay terms click here.

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