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Get an in-store experience
without leaving your sofa.

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Our team on the shop floor will come to you.

If you’re looking to upgrade, need some advice, or have a quick question, Three
Store Now is here to help. Think of our in-store team as your very own personal
shoppers, helping you pick the perfect phone in your PJs.

How Three Store Now works.

The best online shopping experience.

There’s no need to spend hours searching online. We’re ready to chat to you,

Whether it’s a new 5G phone, an Unlimited data SIM, or Home Broadband, an
in-store advisor will answer your questions live to find you the perfect match.

Frequently asked questions.

When is Three Store Now available?

You can speak to an advisor between 09:00 and 20:00 Monday to Saturday. And 09:00 to 18:00 on Sundays.

Can you help me buy what I want?

Yes, your in-store advisor will guide you through the online checkout.

Can you see me when we’re chatting?

No, you’ll only be able to see us - live on the shop floor. We won’t be able to see you but we can send you pictures and videos of things you’re interested in.

Can you see my payment details?

No, our site is completely secure, and we can't see any personal information.

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