Three Live presenter Allie being filmed on a beach
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Learn about all the latest tech
from a host of experts.

Learn about all the latest tech from a host of experts.

Live demos of all the latest
mobile tech.

Our experts are here to help you make the most of the latest phones and
wearables. From capturing the perfect picture, to making your battery last longer,
we’ve got you covered.

You can even get involved and have your questions answered in live Q&As.

How Three Live works.

Meet our Three Live presenters.

Portrait of the presenter Allie


Allie loves showing you the best ways to use your devices to keep in touch with friends and family. She’s often found snapping photos of her favourite things, and she’s perfected the selfie.

Allie will help you find the best device to watch movies on and capture those all-important pictures and videos. Join her if you’re keen on customising your device and making it perfect for all your needs.

Jordan taking a selfie.


Jordan loves tech and is likely to be wearing the latest smartwatch, while giving tips about new apps and phone features.

Jordan will get you excited about technology and the endless possibilities of 5G. You’ll get a fun, personalised shopping experience with his live demos.

Portrait of the presenter Rowan


Rowan is passionate about showing you how the latest devices enhance every aspect of his life. He’s often found putting the latest tech to the test in the great outdoors. From hiking up mountains to swimming in lochs, he needs a phone that exceeds expectations.

With Rowan's focus on fun, he can help you to discover the true potential of all the latest technology.

Portrait of the presenter Liam.


Liam loves live events and attends plenty of festivals and local shows. He’s into music and socialising and can show you how he uses the best devices to capture every experience.

Tune in to Liam’s demos to find out to shoot, edit, and share awesome videos, photos, and music like a pro.

More info about Three Live.

Can I get live customer support here?

No, but if you head over to Contact us or speak to the instore advisors at Three Store Now you’ll be able to get any support queries dealt with.

Can everyone see my question?

No, your question is only seen by our presenters. Other customers watching the broadcast won't be able to see what you send.

Is this really live?

Yes, our presenters are really live. You can try testing this by asking them what the day is, or what the weather is like.

Why can't I hear anything?

Make sure you've turned your sound on.

Can I get help with my account?

Our presenters can't log into your account or take any personal details from you. So, if you’ve got an account query it’s best to Contact us, or use the Three App.

Can the presenters see me?

No. Although you can see and hear them, they can’t see or hear you.

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