SIM support

Learn how to activate your SIM, order a new SIM, and more.

Activate your SIM

Pay Monthly SIM

If you’ve swapped your Pay Monthly SIM for a smaller one, or you’ve recently upgraded your monthly plan, click below.

Activate SIM

Pay As You Go SIM

If you’ve recently bought a Pay As You Go SIM, install it in your phone and it’ll activate automatically.

More support

Recently joined us, or received a replacement SIM?

There’s no need to activate your new SIM. Install it in your phone and it’ll connect to our network automatically.

More SIM support

Lost or stolen SIM

If you’ve lost your phone or had it stolen, get in touch. We’re here to help.

Finding your SIM number

Here’s our easy guide on how to find your SIM number.

Using Dual SIM devices

Here are some useful tips on how to use a device with 2 SIMs.

Get a replacement SIM

Follow this guide on ordering a replacement SIM.

Using SIM adapters

Learn more about how to use SIM adapters.

Normal, micro, or nano?

Learn the difference between the various SIM sizes.

eSIM support

Find out more about using an eSIM in your device.

Just upgraded?

Learn about using your SIM after upgrading with us.