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Use your phone abroad for a low daily cost

You can unlock your UK allowance in 71 destinations on all our Advanced Plans. There’s a daily charge of £2 to unlock Go Roam in Europe, and £5 to unlock Go Roam Around the World.

You can use the Three app to check if your device is ready to be used abroad or log in to My3.

On Pay As You Go? Just make sure you activate your SIM in the UK before you take it abroad.

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What is Go Roam?

Unlimited possibilities with unlimited, unrestricted data (up to fair usage limits)

We think nothing should get in the way of you making the most of your phone whether at home in the UK or abroad.

That's why we offer the Data Passport. For just £5 a day, you can benefit from unlimited unrestricted data (up to fair usage limits) which you can use exactly as you like, whether that's to upload your latest snaps, stream your favourite TV shows or create a personal hotspot.

If you use a lot of data, or just want the best internet experience, the Data Passport is made for you.

About the Data Passport

Using your device abroad

You'll need to make sure your device is set up to use abroad before you go away.

Find out how to use your device abroad.

About using data abroad

It can be easy to accidentally use data abroad. We'll show you how to only use the data you want to.

Find out how to manage your data roaming.

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