Creating a safe space for everyone

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At Three, we want our people to feel safe bringing their authentic selves to work. We believe that an inclusive culture, underpinned by respect, is the foundation of a diverse organisation. Providing this workplace environment for all our people is a journey and a long-term commitment, and it’s one that we’re excited to make.

Over the coming years, we’re focusing on 4 key areas:

Conscious leadership

We’ll help our leaders to understand and commit to diversity, inclusion and belonging. This starts with training our leaders and people managers on what we mean by inclusivity at Three, empowering them to drive positive behaviours in their teams, and confidently discuss diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Inclusive learning and development

We’re focused on making sure our talent development initiatives are inclusive. This includes our mentoring and hiring manager programmes. So, all our programs are developed with diversity in mind, making sure our underrepresented employees are supported.

Diversity within recruitment

We want people of all backgrounds to want to work at Three. So, we’ve reviewed our recruitment tools and practices, and identified ways in which we can make our processes even more inclusive, to appeal to everyone.

Embedding within the business and beyond

We want diversity, inclusion and belonging to be a part of our DNA here at Three. To do that, we need to consider everything we do – from our internal policies and processes to our marketing campaigns – with an inclusive mindset. And we’re working with communities and external networks and experts to help us achieve this goal.

Independent Employee Networks

Supported by our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Steering Committee, we have a number of independent employee run networks providing support for our people:

Women@Three is for everyone who believes in gender diversity, equality and inclusion.
Pride@Three provides support, understanding, and information around issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community.
Ethnic & Cultural Diversity@Three believe in fostering a culture of inclusivity, equity, and diversity.
Accessibility@Three is a place for people with accessibility needs, physical or neuro-diverse, to share their stories and recommendations to help build a more inclusive Three.

Gender Pay Gap

We are committed to narrowing our gender pay gap. We recognise there’s still work to do, and we’ll continue to concentrate our energy on the things that’ll make the biggest difference and help our employees fulfil their potential.


We support our people to be the best versions of themselves – both in and out of work. For our people to thrive, their wellbeing must be a priority. So, we offer access to a range of support, benefits, and tools that make caring for wellbeing that little bit easier including a free subscription to Headspace for all our employees.

People Development

We know the value of developing our people, and we’re delivering our development initiatives in many new and exciting digital ways. We’re also using insight from our employee surveys and from sponsors across the business, to build a comprehensive development programme that caters to our people on an individual level. We do invest in leaders, but we love to identify and drive the amazing skills of our people. That’s where our new mentoring programme comes in. Plus, we’re continuing to expand our graduate programme and our apprenticeship offerings.

Hybrid Working

Keeping our customers connected is our top priority during these exceptional times. As virtual working is here to stay for the foreseeable future, we’re committed to setting our people – and our customers – up for success while doing so. We’ve adopted effective virtual working practices that have helped us deliver on our company goals and ensure we focus on our life/work balance and wellbeing.

Modern Slavery  

We’re fully committed to preventing acts of modern slavery and human trafficking from happening within our business and supply chain. Our modern slavery statement sets out the steps we have taken during the last financial year to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our business.

Read our Modern Slavery Statement for the Financial Year Ended 31st December 2020.